Shower Design Software

Our open platform solution provides:
  • Template or custom designs
  • Unlimited Hardware Choice
  • Fast & Accurate Quoting
  • Reduced Errors in Glass Orders
  • And much more...!

How can Flexeshower help take your business to the next level?

How We Help:
  Hardware Choice

Are clients asking for a greater choice of hardware? Does your current software provider limit you to just one supplier? See how we can host multiple hardware supplier's catalogue in our system


How We Help:
  Accurate Quoting

Do you work late into the night generating quotes for customers? Do your back of the envelope quotes and drawings leave your customers underwhelmed? Find out how we help you produce accurate professional quotations rapidly and efficiently

How We Help:
  Reduce Errors

Is ordering a part of your process that is prone to errors? Mistakes at this critical phase can easily wipe out the profit on a job and lead to project delays. Find out how we eradicate this problem.